Main Line tree cabling

Trees are often damaged by strong winds, heavy snow and ice accumulation, and other natural occurences. Tree cabling helps to stabilize, guide, or cure the tree damage afterwards. Our arborists examine and evaluate the main trunk and limb angles for integrity, and steel cables are inserted between major limbs to help with supporting the tree. For trees that encounter wind torque cracks, trunk rot, and lightning damage, bracing helps support the tree and reduce strain from twisting. Then the arborist inserts a metal rod through the crotch while two additional cables are inserted above it. By using regulation anchors and thru bolts, we can provide safety and stability in your trees for years to come.

Arader Tree follows the American National Standards Institute's guidelines for cabling, bracing, and guying trees. We use eye bolts that go completely through limbs and branches, and dedicate only one cable per branch. We also consider growth history, nutrition, and environment when bracing a tree. All angles, hardware alignment, and cable tension are checked for accuracy often.

Arader Tree Service