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Trimming programs are either yearly for ornamental trees or every 3 to 5 years for the largest trees on your property.


Our tree care professionals take great care in the removal of diseased, dangerous standing and fallen trees.

Health Care

Plant Health Care is the care of trees and shrubs to mitigate pests, diseases and remediating nutrient deficiencies.

Specimen Tree Installation

Arader Tree Service has a passion for growing and procuring plant material that is unique or of specimen size.

Gladwyne Arborist

Arborist Service in Gladwyne Pennsylvania

The core of Arader Tree Service is our team of certified Gladwyne arborists. Each arborist is ISA certified and annually maintains that certification. Each of our Gladwyne arborists will diagnose the issues and make recommendations to care for your trees and shrubs. They all have extensive knowledge of pests, diseases, and plant identification, and will use their knowledge to extend the life, health, and beauty of your trees.

Our Gladwyne arborists will evaluate your trees and come up with the best solution to care for them and extend their health. Proper care allows a tree to grow and mature and become a valuable asset to the landscape, and Arader Tree Service will provide that service at an affordable cost. Mature trees also require care to extend their life, value, and interest to your property. We look forward to having one of our Gladwyne arborists meet with you to discuss the benefits of proper care for your trees.

If you have any questions about our Gladwyne arborists or have an Gladwyne arborist job for us in Gladwyne PA 19035, call (610) 277-8733 today or fill out our contact form here to send us a message.