Preserving the Trees that are a Part of your Home

All trees will require some degree of trimming or pruning to maintain their health or to improve their structure. The primary objective is to remove dead, diseased, crossed and rubbing limbs. Other objectives include improved line of sight along roadways, clearance from homes or to improve structure.

The type of care depends on the age, species and location of the tree. As an example, young oak and maple trees require structural pruning to allow them to become the stately trees that provide aesthetic value to our homes and communities. While the understory trees, like dogwoods and cherries, require periodic maintenance to keep their satisfying ornamental appeal.

We provide maintenance cycles for all needs and trees of all sizes. Pruning helps trees stay healthy and improves the beauty of your property, home and street. Our arborists have extensive knowledge to develop the correct pruning program for the trees in your landscape.


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