Trimming programs are either yearly for ornamental trees or every 3 to 5 years for the largest trees on your property.


Our tree care professionals take great care in the removal of diseased, dangerous standing and fallen trees.

Health Care

Plant Health Care is the care of trees and shrubs to mitigate pests, diseases and remediating nutrient deficiencies.

Specimen Tree Installation

Arader Tree Service has a passion for growing and procuring plant material that is unique or of specimen size.

Service Information

We are proficient in providing all phases of tree care including:

  • Tree removal & stump grinding
  • Cabling & bracing
  • Tree preservation
  • Emergency storm cleanup

The moment one of our arborists meets with you they listen to your goals and identify the needs of your trees and shrubs. Then they are able to prescribe the care through one of our services.

Regular inspection of trees and shrubs can identify potential problems that can be mediated through a maintenance program or a hazardous issue that requires immediate attention.

Our arborists create detailed programs to meet the needs of homeowners, property managers and all tree owners.

Golf Course Industry Leader in Tree Care

Arader is recognized throughout the golf course industry as a provider of quality tree care. Our arborists actively provide assistance through long-term management, course renovations and storm cleanup.

Specific attention to detail is in and aiding superintendents, owners and architects achieve the goal of more sunlight, airflow, playability and tree population management.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled tree climbers enable us to work throughout the course with minimal disturbance to the turf.


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